Sunday 5.7.2020
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Vodic za samozastupanje MSP

Katalog Greenfield lokacija možete pogledati ovdje

Katalog možete pogledati ovdje

Dear Visitors,

Here you can find all necessary information if you decided to invest in the area of ​​Tešanj, or if you like to be informed about the opportunities and conveniences that the Municipality Tešanj offers to the investors.

The business zones

The registration procedure

The regulations

The useful links

More detailed information can be obtained at the Department of Finance, Economy and Inspection of the Municipality Tešanj 032/650 022

Contact person: Hundur Haška, dipl. ecc.


In Tešanj …

is pleasantly to be a CITIZEN

pleasure to be a WORKER

preferably to be an ENTREPRENEUR


The business zones

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