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The activity of the Centre is the social protection, child protection, social work and family-legal protection. According to the legal provisions the most important tasks are as follows:
-     solving the requests in the field of the social, child and family care,
-     solving the claims for the rights in the protection of the families with children,
-     preparation and implementation of the appropriate forms and measures for the social and family- legal protection,
-    direct provision of the social services and other professional services, consulting services and technical support to the individuals and families,
-     detecting and monitoring the social needs of the citizens in order to undertake the adequate measures for their protection,
-     keeping reecords and documentation of the beneficiaries and the realized forms and measures for their protection.


Based on the Decision of the Assembly of the Self-Interest Community (SIZ) for the Social and Child Protection Tešanj on establishing the Centre for the Social Work Tešanj (of 18 March 1982) the Basic Court of Associated Labor Doboj has on 7 April 1982 caried out a registration of the Working Organization Center for the Social Work Tešanj (No: U/I-101/82).

The facilities for the work and resources for the work are located in the building of the Kindergarten (ul. braće Pobrić, formerly ul. Osmana Pobrića bb) the Self-Interest Community (SIZ) for the social and child protection Tešanj social and child care transferred into the ownership of the Centre.

On the basis of the Self-Managed Agreement on the changes in the organization of the working organizations concluded on 7 April 1987 it was done a transformation by which on 1 July 1987 into the composition of the Working Organization of the Centre for the Social Work entered the Working Organization for the Combined Pre-School Education at Tešanj, as an organizational unit as the child day nursery.

On 8 July 1987 in the Basic Court of Associated Labor Doboj was registered under a new name and with the enlarged activity the Working organization the “Center for Social Work and Child Care of the Pre-School Age” with full responsibility. Tešanj, ul Osmana Pobrića bb.

In such a form the Center existed until the beginning of the aggression against the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992. By the Decision of the Interim Municipal Council of 6 March 1996 began the renovation work of the Centre which to that moment, formally, exists as the Public Institution the Center for Social Work, with the same activities as before in 1992, provided that the day-care nursery has not been put into operation.

By the Decision of the Municipal Council on Amendments of the Decision on taking over the rights of the founders of Public Institution Center for Social Work Tešanj of 24 May 2005 it was deleted the activity of pre-school upbringing and education, and added the care of the socially-disadvantaged families in the social settlement "Logobare".

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