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The Decision on the Establishment of the General Library, as an independent institution, was made

in ​2001 at the Municipal Council Tešanj.
The Library is engaged in the library activities, cultural activities and scientific research.
The Decision of the Municipal Court in Zenica of 22 January 2009. The expansion of the activities and

a change of the authorized person to represent the Public institution. The additional activities:

publishing books, publishing newspapers, publishing magazines and the similar periodicals, the issuance of the sound

recordings and other publishing activities, the library activity.

1946 - Established the Library,
1968 - Redeemed a private holdings of Hamid Dizdar,
2007 - Held the first Conference of the Librarians of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
2008 - Held the first Conference of the Librarians of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
2008 - Adopted the Municipal Development Strategy 2008-2015 of the Municipal Council, which

includes construction of a new the library building.
2008 - By the Modification of the Regulation plan "Musala", it is planned a location for the construction of the

object for the Library.
2009 - Expansion of the library activitiy.
2009 - It was purchased a private library of the died Adil Alić, a library fundation of the 2.600

library units with a rich archive.