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Public institution Health Centre

The institution was founded in 1996 by the Decision of the Municipal Council Tešanj No: 01-V-5/95, the Decision on a change of the organizational form No: 01 - 01 - 017-20/98 and the Decision on the establishment of the polyclinic within the Health Centre No: 01 - 37-2522/0. The institution is registered for performing the medical practice.

Since the establishment of medical institution in the 60s of last century, the Institution has suffered a series of organizational forms constantly expanding in personnel and materially.The present institution is registered as the Health Center with polyclinic "Izudin Mulabećirović Izo" since July 2002.

Health Center
Osmana Pobrića bb
74260 Tešanj
Phone: 032/650-677