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The Public Institution Museum Tešanj was established pursuant to the Decision on the Establishment of the Museum of the

Municipal Council Tešanj at its 9th regular sesssion held on 30 July 2009 and under No: 01-02-1-3073/09. By the same

Decision the Municipal Council, according to Article 5, has defined the core business of the Museum:
•    collection, preservation and study of the cultural and natural resources, their professional and scientific treatment;
•    keeping, protection and presentation of the museum stuff, the museum documents, museum localities and discoveries,
•    their direct and indirect presentation to the public through the permanent and temporary exhibitions;
•    disclosure of the data and information on the Museum holdings and Museum documentation through the professional
and scientific magazines and the other mass media.
Subsequently, the Municipal Council Tešanj has on 1 October 2010 adopted the Decision on Amending the Decision on
Establishment the Museum, No: 01-02-13073-2/09 by which was amended Article 5 of the Decision on the Establishment

of the Museum and which reads: "the Code of the activity of the Museum shall be 92251”.

The Public Institution of the Museum Tešanj was registered by the Decision on Registration and Enrollment in the Register

of the Public Institution Museum of Tešanj of 16 October 2009. Shortly afterwards on 29 October 2009 the Museum

has also received the notification on the classification of a legal entity according to the activity, as well as the Certificate of

Tax Registration. By this it was formally completed the registration procedure of the Museum Tešanj as a legal entity with the

Municipal Court in Zenica.
In the previous period the general acts of the Museum were prepared such as: the Rules of the Public Institution Museum

Tešanj, Regulations on Operation of the Museum and Regulations on Internal Organization and Systematization of the

Jobs of the Museum Tešanj and it was also nominated the Director of the Institution, as well as deliverd requests to the

Canton and Municipality for the resources.