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The Public Institution Pharmacy and CMS "Tefarm" Tešanj was founded by the Decision of the Interim Municipal

Council Tešanj, No: 01-02137/94 of 8 September 1994. The institution is registered in the Register of the High

Court of Doboj under the number U/II-1/94, and took over in the Cantonal Court in Zenica under number U/I-9-03.
The Public Institution Pharmacy and CMS "Tefarm" Tešanj originated in 1994 by the Act of the Interim Municipal

Council under the name as the National Pharmacy Tešanj. The Pharmacy has performed its activity in a sales facility

located in ul. Titova 1 and employed 14 workers. Over time, and according to a need, the new depots and branches

were opened and employed new workers. Up to now it was opened 5 objects in the chain of the pharmacies "Tefarm"

that accompanied the opening the Centre Health Tešanj.
The Pharmacy Tefarm Tešanj - Pharmacy and the Centre for the medical supplies Tesanj.

Phone: +387 (0) 32650-140
+387 (0) 32 650-140
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Marsala Tita 1
74260 Tešanj