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The General Hospital performs the specialized health care in the field of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics,

gynecology and obstetrics, pulmonology, care of dialysis patients, and ophthalmology. It also provides a

specialist-consultative health care for about 80,000 people who gravitate to the municipality Tešanj, the areas of

Doboj-Jug, Usora, Maglaj and Teslić. This institution performs the laboratory and radiology services in accordance

with the norms and standards for the level of the Hospital and specialist health care. It implements the programs of

the specialization and training for the health workers as well as education for the nurses and technicians in training

for the independent work and taking the professional exam is one of the activities of this institution. In order to

acquire its own professional staff, the Hospital Tešanj allocates the scholarships for the students of the medicine of

final years.

The General Hospital Tešanj has a total of 215 beds and that: for the internal 47, pulmonology 86, surgery 30,

children 22, maternity 15 and for the gynecology 15 beds.  From the health facilities of the Health CentreTešanj and

forward wards of the Regional Medical Centre  "23 August " and the internal department of the pediatric X-ray

services, the center for food and municipal pharmacy, the " War Presidency " of the Municipality Tešanj established

the War Hospital Tešanj with the aim of the health care for the population of the municipality Tešanj, the population

of the refugees from other municipalities, as well as the newly formed units for the defense of this area. The War

Hospital Tešanj performed its function until the formation and the beginning of the General Hospital Tešanj that has

grown into a modern medical facility of the high ranges. One of characteristics in the work of this institution is

openness to the population and full availability of the staff and services, regardless whether these services are part of

the emergency, or tests, treatments or interventions. There is no waiting list for patients.

General Hospital Tešanj
Braće Pobrića 17
74260 Tešanj
tel. 00387 32 650-662
fax: 00387 32 650-605