Sunday 5.7.2020
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Šemsudin Karahodžić, a leather technician warns phyisical and legal entities to conduct in accordance with the Decision on the municipal order and sanitary minimum, investigates and locates all of the newly formed wild garbage dumps in the territory of the municipality, cooperates with all local communities on issues of the ecological protection, monitors the state of the ecological protection throughout the municipality, keeps records of observations and takes and proposes the appropriate measures, charges the lump-sum allowances in accordance with the Decision of the municipal order and sanitary minimum, charges the lump-sum costs for the transfer and storage of the objects, buildings and equipment, notifies the communal inspector on the cases of failure to fulfill the provisions of the Decision on the communal order and sanitary minimum, issues a misdemeanor warrant and acts upon the same in the sense of the Law on Violations, plans in each local community a location for solid waste collection and monitors the disposal of the same, participates in the working out of the eco-informant, takes part in the work of the commissions, working teams and groups and performs other tasks by the order of a superior officer.

Tel: 032-650-022 ext 104,
Mobile: 061-397-060

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