Saturday 11.7.2020
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Municipal Attorney:
Nedžada Agić

Tel. 00 387 32 650 022
Fax: 00 387 32 650 220
E-mail: @ nedzada.agicopcina-tesanj.ba; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
Nedžada Agić was born on 11 June 1950 in Tešanj where she completed elementary and high school. The Faculty of Law she completed in Sarajevo in 1975. She worked as a judge in the Municipal Court in Tesanj to 1996, and then she worked as the director of the Center for Social Work in Tešanj.
In the Service for Veteran-Disability Protection she began to work on 29 February 2007, and since April 2008 she has been appointed the Municipal Attorney.
The bar exam she passed in 1977, and the professional exam in early 2007.
She is married and mother of two children.